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Housed in the historic William R. Thorsen House next to UC Berkeley.

About Our Society

Since 1942, the Sigma Phi Society of California has owned the Thorsen House and has been entrusted with its care and preservation. For generations, Sigma Phi has been home to students from all walks of life and a bastion for the celebration of arts, culture, and comradarie.


The Sigma Phi Society takes in classes of 2-6 pledges per semester. Please contact our vice president for more information if you are interested in joining.


Sigma Phi is open to hosting events for artists, student groups, and more! Contact our social chair for more information on hosting your next event with us.


Sigma Phi strives to provide accommodating, low-cost housing for nearly half the price of UC Berkeley's dormitories. Members are responsible for looking after their home, devoting Saturday mornings in their entirety to cleaning and restoration projects.


We always welcome curious individuals to tour the house. Every member in the house is well-versed in the history of the Thorsen House and its magnificent design secrets. Please schedule an appointment by contacting our president

Photo by Will Brinkerhoff


We're calling on members young and old to come together. Let's restore our home's former luster before opening our doors to our siblings across the country.

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In response to a number of incidents in recent years involving anti-gay slurs being used by members at Sigma Phi events, at the Alpha of California and other chapters, the Alumni Board of Directors for the California Sigma Phi Society issues the following statement of principle:

The Alpha of California condemns any homophobic behavior by its members. Members of Sigma Phi should not use anti-gay slurs at Sigma Phi events, and should not condone them by remaining silent when they hear other brothers saying them.

Such behavior damages the honor and good name of the chapter and the Society. It is a violation of The Charge of the Sigma Phi Society and the principles stated therein. It associates the chapter and the Society with groups that all who believe in the principles of freedom and equality should oppose.

It insults gay members, many of whom have worked selflessly since the time they joined to advance the interests of the chapter and the Society. There is no place for bigotry of this kind in Sigma Phi Society.

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